Joining Scouts

Give your son the valuable gift of Cub Scouting! 
Cub Scouts build self-esteem and character, learn essentials skills and tools, and enjoy the thrill of adventure.  Numerous rich opportunities for you and your son to grow together.

Boys join because they want to have wholesome fun! 

First through fifth grader boys from Glorietta Elementary School, all are welcome and encouraged to join.

Applications downloaded HERE, or are available in the Cub Scout bin at the Glorietta school office. Submit the application with $24 for membership to Boy Scouts of America and $12 for BOYS LIFE magazine.

Yearly dues for Cub Scouts pay for awards, meeting events, camping trips and . 
$140 for First Grade Tiger Cubs
$175 for Wolf, Bear & Webelos.
Dues may be paid online by clicking HERE (login required).



Top 10 Reasons to Join 225

  1. Semi-annual Camping Trips - Introduction to camping, S'mores, hiking in nature, games, campfires and sleeping in a tent! 
  2. Pinewood Derby - Get ready to race! Each Scout (with a little help) builds his own pinewood car and races it on our track. Take time to admire everyone's handiwork, with awards and comraderie.
  3. Spring Sleepover - Our Pack books an overnight each spring at an interesting place. Oakland Zoo, USS Hornet, and many other possibilties. Each spring sleepover is a one-of-a-kind experience.
  4. Parent/Son Bonding - Every event encourages parents to build a rich relationship with their son through the events and adventures we create together.
  5. Achievements - Scouts build confidence and knowledge by earning achievements in areas as varied as science, building, first aid, art, woodwork, knot tying, camping, and much more
  6. Wearing a Uniform - What is more fun than dressing up? Scouts love their uniforms and all the fun badges and pins they earn along the way. It reinforces honor, good manners, and pride in appearance.
  7. Community Service - Scouts learn that they can help and what they do matters when they participate in Scouting for Food for the Contra Costa County Food Bank, collect toys for Toys for Tots and help other community organizations
  8. Being Part of a Small Den - Scouts are assigned by grade level to one of the dens where they participate in group activities once a month. Smaller dens give the boys a chance to make friends and become closely connected to friends in their age group
  9. Being Part of a Big Pack - Pack 225 consists of a number of dens from 1st to 5th grade. In this large Pack the boys meet once a month as a group and have fun together, receive awards and meet other kids in older and younger dens
  10. Ton of Fun - This is a great experience for wholesome, low key ways to experience all the fun of scouting with your son